BaltPharm Forum 2017 - Jurmala, Latvia

SemaraH Hotel Lielupe, 64/68 Bulduru prospekts, Jurmala

Please be aware! All vehicles entering Jūrmala city limits between April 1 and September 30 must pay entrance fee (EUR 2). The entrance fee can be paid for with cash or payment card as well as by mobile app.

Collaboration between Pharmacists and Physicians as the base of an effective therapy

How to survive in a changing world? Pharmacists do ask this question time to time whom are often referred as a “salesman”. In such times it is even more important to strengthen the role of Pharmacist as a health care professional especially specifying the communication between Pharmacists and Physicians which gives an immense opportunity to fulfil Pharmacist’s professional ambitions. The ability to succeed in balance between professional fulfilment and excellent collaboration provides benefits for all enrolled sides – Pharmacists, Physicians and Patients.

Pharmacists from all three Baltic countries (and Finland) gathered for the first Baltic Pharmacists’ congress in 1925 to exchange opinions and scientific readings. The event was organised by Pharmacists’ Union of Latvia later named Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia. The renewalof the nowadays Forum which is based on more than 70 years old tradition was done in 1998 and took place in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia is honoured to bring to you the 20th anniversary BPhF 2017. 

Why to attend BaltPharm Forum?

 Meet and network with colleagues of community and hospital Pharmacies from all across the Baltics

 Hear high level speakers from different European countries share their experience in the field in plenary sessions, workshops and panel discussions

 Discuss and share Your opinion on how to strengthen Pharmacists role in the health care system

 Explore the newest research and captivating data of Pharmacy students and Pharmacy graduates from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

What to expect from the 20th anniversary BPh Forum?

● Novelty this year! Hospital Pharmacists will join for a Pre-Forum conference to discuss the necessary of adapting in a changing world, how to foresee new opportunities, expand the sphere of activity and how to face budgetary constraints

● Representatives of professional organizations of Pharmacists from the Netherlands and Germany will share: the significant benefits of Pharmacist’s and Physician’s collaboration; how does it work in practice, specify what issues to face in the development of the model and how to carry the changes

● Delegates from professional societies of the three Baltic states countries’ will present their vision of the previously mentioned collaboration in their countries, what they expect from the model and what specific improvements will patients receive from the health care

Take part and engage a new level of Pharmacist as a professional!

Jūrmala – the exchange of ideas!